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Your Hometown Heroes

Hometown Heroes Winners

Hometown Heroes put the “unity” in “community”.

We thank everyone who reached out to honor a Hometown Hero. We received over 50 nominations, every nominee an exemplary member of his/her community.

We at Green Belt Bank & Trust have selected the following Hometown Heroes based on the inspirational traits they exhibit every day - their giving spirit, dedication to their community, selfless leadership, positivity, and every other quality that makes them a pillar of strength in their hometown.

Bob Hutchcroft | Ackley

Bob is a problem solver who always works for the betterment of the community. With his calm leadership, things always get done. Besides leading the Visionary group to accomplish numerous projects in Steamboat Rock, he is also quietly picking up trash, trimming trees and bushes, and even spraying for wasps in our community. He leads by example and never wants attention drawn to all that he does. We are fortunate to have someone like Bob Hutchcroft representing the community of Steamboat Rock.

The Steamboat Rock Visionary Group was founded in 2011 with the intention to elevate the community. Projects the group has completed include: a new playground at the schoolhouse, basketball courts, pickleball courts, the shelter house, and they also organize the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

Connie Mattison | Belmond

Connie was nominated by multiple community members due to her decades of involvement in the Belmond community. She is involved with the Belmond Promotions Council, Sorority, Friends of the Library, Trinity Lutheran Church, and multiple community improvements/projects such as the pool, dog park, and skate park to name a few.

Connie’s next project is a zip track/gravity rail, which is a 53-foot structure that makes you feel like you’re flying through the air. It is designed to promote balance and coordination development and create gross and fine motor skills to enhance core strength. The structure is designed for 5 to 12 year olds. The fundraising committee for the project is Connie Mattison, Dawn Barkema (pictured), and Brenna Gavin. Fundraising efforts are just beginning and the $500 donation from Green Belt Bank & Trust will be added to the $60,000 planned project. Fundraisers include the Doggie Dip and a holiday tour of homes in December. Grant writing will begin in the Fall of 2023. Additional funds will go through the City of Belmond since the gravity rail will be located in one of the city parks.

Miriam Weber | Eldora

Miriam was nominated by Jill Miller of Hubbard because of her community involvement over the last 30 years. In Hubbard, Miriam has dedicated a majority of her time to the Sisters in Service of Hubbard, while also serving in other groups and working as an RN in the community for over 30 years.

The Sisters in Service was founded in 1981 and has been serving Hubbard and its surrounding communities since its inception. The S.I.S. motto is “working together for the love of our community,” and they show that love by supporting community projects that bring people together. S.I.S. continually sponsors the annual Santa Visit and Easter Egg Hunt, funds college scholarships and summer camp tuition, and donates money to school organizations, libraries, and the park. The members of S.I.S also provide baked goods for the blood drive canteen, host community BINGO and bake sales, and donate food to the Hubbard Food Pantry.

Kasey Lyons | Grundy Center

Kasey was nominated for his quiet leadership. He is active in the community, owns a local business, turns to his faith in all aspects of life, and continually gives back to his community.

His nonprofit of choice is the Grundy Center Conservation. Their mission is to enhance the quality of all life in the county by preserving, acquiring, and managing the county’s cultural and natural resources by providing recreational and leisure opportunities. One of these areas is the Pioneer Trail which spans from Holland to Reinbeck. At the beginning of the trail, they had to cut down a few Ash trees and are in need of replacing the bench. The donation will go towards that project.

Mike Ingebritson | Iowa Falls

Mike has been a wonderful lifelong volunteer. Most know him for his work on the Historical Society Board and numerous projects involving work on the local railroad buildings, putting in the old hospital "bench", and so many more area projects. He will jump in and help out whenever the need arises, including painting homes for people who can't afford to pay for help and assisting others with groceries. He has a huge heart for helping people and is a perfect recipient of this award. He truly is one of our Hometown Heroes.

The East Side Ladies Aid is an organization in its 135th year. It was originally started as a monthly meeting with a group of local people to organize a current project to help out a neighbor. It has now evolved into a group that raises funds for an annual picnic for the Friendship Club and makes donations to local charities, including a scholarship for a local student in need. Currently, the East Side Ladies are working on a beautification project on the east side of town, which involves new landscaping and flowers.

Kate Humphrey | Parkersburg

Kate has been serving the community of Parkersburg for 50+ years with her involvement on multiple committees and holding leadership positions in a multitude of organizations. Kate currently serves as the Treasurer of the Parkersburg Historical Society and has been in that position since 1983! Kate will turn 95 in November 2023.

The Parkersburg Historical Society works to maintain the culture and evolution of the community. Kate has chosen this organization as the donation recipient for her award. The funds will go toward putting a new porch on the Parkersburg Historical Society home with the intention to replicate the original.