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Digital Wallet

Payment has never been so convenient!

Digital Wallet compatibility is here. Start using your Green Belt Bank & Trust cards in your preferred digital wallet today!

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Have you ever found yourself without your debit card, cash, or even pocket change?

Keep your money safe and access it securely with Digital Wallet.

What is a digital wallet?

A Digital wallet is a financial transaction application that runs on any connected device. It stores everything a normal wallet could, such as gift cards, tickets, and coupons. Plus, you can access it from any device, such as a phone, tablet, or laptop.

Have you ever been shopping online and your card automatically filled in the payment information? If so, then you have already used a digital wallet!

How do I start?

  • 1

    Locate the “wallet” app

    You must be connected to the Internet to do so.

  • 2

    Select debit or credit card

    Once you enter your information, the card is stored as a virtual card number that is unique to the Digital Wallet and mobile device you use. The virtual card number substitutes for the actual card number, meaning important information is never given out. Rest assured that your card information can only be used for payment with your authentication (facial recognition, password, fingerprint, or any method that you use to unlock your phone).

  • 3

    Set your preferences

    If you have multiple cards in your digital wallet, you can select one as your default payment method. This can always be changed later. You will also have the option when paying to switch from your default payment method. It is not an automatic process.

  • 4

    You’re all set!

    Use your digital wallet to make purchases at retail stores, online, or anywhere it is accepted!


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